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Industrial and Labor

UNUC LEGAL LLP advises clients on industrial and labour laws, including employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, employee benefits, labour disputes, compliance with labour standards, and occupational health and safety regulations. The firm helps clients maintain harmonious employer-employee relationships while ensuring compliance with applicable labour laws.

Legal expertise in this area include the following:

Advisory on the creation and compliance of HR manual with the applicable laws Advice on various labour and employment laws. Intellectual property including trademarks, copyrights, patents and related rights has become a matter of significant importance. With the advent of globalization, where global firms are entering Indian markets and Indian firms are taking their product abroad, such laws and their compliances have gained importance in the Indian courts. UNUC LEGAL advises its clients in such matters of Intellectual Property.

Practice Areas

The firm aims at creating an environment where co-operation, trust and mutual respect are the guiding principles under which we can increase our national footprint.